Interactive Portfolio View Charting

Neil Mathieson. Monday, November 28, 2011

It is now possible to create interactive charts for Portfolio View analytics. This will help users visualize and understand risk better, plus the outputs can be saved for integration into presentations and reports.

Date of release 21.11.2011
Products affectedAll products in all asset classes.
Known issuesNone.
Existing usersNo action is required on your part, the new functionality was applied automatically.

Historic functionality

Historically it was only possible for users to export Portfolio View information to Excel or run selected pre-set reports.

New functionality

Henceforth users will be able to create interactive charts for the vast majority of analytics in the Portfolio View. This includes the ability to overlay the primary analytics [1] with selected Grouping and Filters [2].

Portfolio View analytics

To create a chart simply select Create chart [3] at the bottom of the Portfolio View. TreasuryView™ will automatically graph the analytic selected for the Period Length selected in View Settings [4].

Create chart button

At present the system creates the charts on a whole portfolio basis, it is not possible to include/exclude individual deals at this stage.

Portfolio View Chart

Users are reminded that following in enhancements in September 2011 graphs are now interactive. It is therefore possible to enable/disable elements simply by clicking on them [5] or to zoom in on a certain period by highlighting it. 

Users are also reminded that following enhancements in October 2011 it is now possible to save graphs in PNG, JPG or SVG formats, allowing them to be more readily integrated in presentations and reports. To do this simply select Save then the required file format [6].

The new functionality will help users visualize and understand risk better; demonstrate the effect of a transaction or change more effectively and create more powerful presentations and reports.

Further enhancements to Reporting are in development and will be advised shortly.

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