New FX reports

Erik Süptitz, Norman Winterling. Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Expired FX Cash Flows" and "FX Deal Status" reports have been added to sals.a.

Expired FX Cash Flows 

The “Expired FX Cash Flows” lists past (prior to the reporting date) foreign currency payments and exchange transactions. This allows you to easily reconcile “old” transactions with account statements. 

Expired FX Cash Flows report

FX Deal Status Report

The “FX Deal Status Report” shows the forthcoming payment dates for your FX and hedging transactions.

It features a structure similar to the “Cash flows from FX underlyings and derivatives” table (sorted by hedged item and derivative transactions). The trend indicator gives a clear overview of the projected development of exchange rate gains/losses. If the income declines from the current payment date to the subsequent period a warning symbol appears in red (and conversely, a green symbol is shown when income increases). The display of loss values follows the same principle.

FX Deal Status Report

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