Dashboards - Cost Effective, Customized Infrastructure

Neil Mathieson. Monday, December 20, 2010

Dashboards are a new ‘light‘ version of TreasuryView. Their purpose is to facilitate the simple exchange of financial data and to deliver key performance and risk information on a single screen, in real-time.

Background – Financial Visibility

In today’s globalized world it is increasingly common that financial assets and liabilities are spread around operations all over the world, making the management of risk more challenging.

Furthermore, Treasurers often lack enough information to make a coherent decision or receive too much information to identify the key factors readily.

Banks and Advisors face the dual challenge of creating better proposals on lower resources and trying to connect and sell to busy Treasurers.

Our new Dashboard product is designed to solve these challenges.

Customized Risk Infrastructure

Dashboards can be constructed using any element of TreasuryView - deal types, currencies, analytics, reporting, market data, etc.

Dashboards can also be editable or read-only.

Delivered at a fraction of the cost of the full system, Dashboards effectively allow users to customise their own infrastructure.

Volume is a consideration however as Dashboards have an upper limit of 20 deals, above which the full system is required.


Treasurers use Dashboards to connect multi-location operations. The local financial controller receives a Dashboard version for visibility and deal entry, while the Treasurer consolidates and manages the group position.

Banks and Advisors give Dashboards to their clients. This allows them to deliver key performance and risk information, collaborate online and sell in a cost effective manner.

Example – Derivatives Dashboard

The Derivatives Dashboard has been designed for interest rate derivatives, in particular Option based products.

Key information delivered is:

Analytic Description
Deal Details Detailed information on each derivative (and underlying if applicable).
Nominal by Deal The initial nominal or notional of each deal.
NPV by Deal The current market value of each deal.
NPV by Counterparty The current market value of the consolidated portfolio, grouped by counterparty.
Call Probability The % probability of a deal with optionality being exercised.
NPV by Deal, Rates Up The value of each deal if rates rise by 100bps.
Call Probability, Rates Up The % probability of a deal with optionality being exercised, if rates rise by 100bps.

Typical uses of, and benefits from, this Dashboard include:

Usage Benefit
Quantifying in the money swaps Proactive management or monetisation of value.
Quantifying out of the money swaps Optimisation to avoid negative liquidity or P&L impacts.
Quantifying counterparty exposures Proactive management of relationships and credit risk.
Quantifying the likelihood that a swap will be called Protect against margin or collateral calls, which significantly affect liquidity.
Demonstrating market risk and complex products in a simple manner Enhanced communication and buy-in with stakeholders.


sals.a Dashboard

We also have a Debt Management Dashboard in extensive use.

Please watch out for further updates. If you have any questions in the meantime then please contact us.

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