Press Release: Web-Platform ‘sals.a’ Heralds New Era in Financial and Debt Management

KFPD GmbH. Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Financial services technology specialist KFPD GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Estonia’s Tallinn-based KFP Development OÜ, has launched ‘sals.a’, a novel financial and debt management system. Aimed at small-to-medium-sized companies and local governments, this new web-based system simplifies all financial planning and management processes while at the same time providing much greater risk transparency and control.

Greater Risk Transparency for Small-to-Medium-Sized Companies and Local Governments

At a time when financial markets are becoming ever more complex and challenging, ‘sals.a’ offers numerous key benefits to CFOs: Relying on up-to-date market information, this secure online platform incorporates data for a variety of financial transactions into a single tool. Opportunities as well as risks are shown at the press of a button, while alternative scenarios are clearly mapped out.

‘With its clear structure and desktop-layout, ‘sals.a’ is easy to use, ensuring that significant financial performance improvements can be achieved from day one’, explains Lauri Karp, a co-founder and co-managing director of KFPD. ‘Our system is aimed primarily at local governments and small-to-medium-sized companies with a turn-over of more than EUR 10 million. Their total number in Germany is greater than 100.000 – a huge potential client base for us’, adds Karp.

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